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In this turn-based Western (Westurn? ), you play as the Shadeless Sheriff and have exciting adventures across the action-packed wasteland. Protect yourself from incoming fire, take out bandits, and amass legendary bounty, all while maintaining a clear head and accurate aim to emerge victorious.


Duel Games Based on Turns – Learn your foe’s tactics, correctly anticipate their next move, and exploit this knowledge to your advantage to emerge victorious (and also psyching them out).Hunt Gang Leaders – Fight your way through merciless gangs of bandits, each with its own area, arsenal, and approach to the art of dueling!PvP Showdowns – Good ol’ Sheriff Showdown pits you against your friends as well as your enemies! Find out once and for all who has the wits that are the sharpest.Powerful Powerups – Put your sheriff abilities to use to gain the upper hand in a difficult confrontation. Just be cautious, your foes have a few tricks in their sleeves too!Unlockable Skins, as well as other LOOT! – Become the untamed wasteland’s most stylish sheriff by bringing in bounties while maintaining your sense of taste.Your very own closest companion – A dependable horse is essential for any sheriff. You will get a trustworthy travel partner and a good friend if you are able to prevent Tusik from being kidnapped by donkeys.