Farm Town Village Build Story-Farm Town Village Build Story v3.74 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Money)

Farm Town Village Build Story-Farm Town Village Build Story v3.74 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Money) title=

Farm Town Village Build Story


Farm Town Village Build Story is a farm game where the player will develop a farm by performing activities and collecting rewards and products. Players can unlock new buildings and change the look of their farms positively. At the same time, with the stability of the harvest and the production of the product, the first requests will appear and help you earn a large amount of money.


In Farm Town Village Build Story, players will be able to go to a farm and meet different characters. Over time, you will try to develop this farm by building more valuable buildings and meeting the needs of the characters that appear. That will help you earn money and expand more things for the farm, and for sure, you will be impressed with its obvious change. Some buildings have been built before.

You will find pre-built poultry and wheat fields, and your job is to tend them and harvest the corresponding produce. You will be able to receive products and rewards and use them for different purposes. At the same time, you continue the process of planting, taking care of poultry, and waiting for a period until the next harvest. Of course, you will be able to level up and build new buildings.


After you have mastered the mechanics of Farm Town Village Build Story, you will be able to spend time working on it continuously and to a new level. At the same time, leveling up helps you open many buildings with different uses, such as creating food for poultry, processing agricultural products, and many other factors. You will decide where to build these elements, and the first requirements will also appear at some point.

The requirements in this game appear in two primary forms: the requirements of a specific character and the requirements on the farm’s board. Character requirements will usually be fixed, and of course, this is the opposite of what is on the board, and you can choose to ask for a high value to do. So, taking care of the farm and harvesting the necessary products is constantly done to maintain enough resources for players to use anytime they want.

Players will begin their journey to develop a farm:

The farm opens with friendly characters and accompanies the player in performing the daily activities.Players can harvest produce and continue to take care of what is on the farm and gradually unlock more different buildings.New products can be created with corresponding buildings and diversify the products your farm can create.Unlocking new buildings will be done when the player reaches a new level, which brings a drastic change to the farm.In some cases, players will be able to receive different requests from characters or from the farm board to earn more money.