Dancing Ballz-Dancing Ballz v2.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives, Unlocked Skins)

Dancing Ballz-Dancing Ballz v2.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives, Unlocked Skins) title=

Dancing Ballz


Don’t miss the super product Dancing Ballz if you like music and even Ballz dances. This is a unique music game, and the player will control the circular marble in its right direction. Each level will have a different path, and the difficulty will increase gradually if going to a high level. The player also needs to know the basic moving tips and click the screen if going through different bends to create the most basic curve.


Players will have the right to choose interesting music to meet their own fiery dance. The game always has new songs with all the rhythms from which we can draw the perfect choice. We should choose simple songs first because slow and simple songs will always be dominant for new players. The time is also always set longer than the short songs so that we can handle the situation.

The remarkable thing is that music always motivates us. Players can also choose their own music, and then Dancing Ballz will assist you in transforming into a new game. Players will see the uniqueness in each path, and that is also the challenge that we need to overcome. Players will control the circular marble to go in the right directions that the game outlines and be careful with mysterious turns.


Each round will have each obstacle set for the player to use his ability to solve. However, if we observe closely, there will certainly be each rule, and that is exactly what we need. Players will move the marbles to the turns and click the screen to get to the other square quickly. Thanks to that ingenuity, the turns are no longer a burden for each conquest.

Sometimes there will also be road cuts, and you need to let your marbles jump. After jumping up, the marble will fall in the middle of the safe line, and this part we need to concentrate on. A minute of our negligence will also cause that marble to drop or miss the beat and possibly have to return to the original race. Time will always chase, and the marbles will also run faster than before, be careful when moving them.


We have to conquer and show that we are the king of the dance village. More specifically, you should use the valuable features of the game such as the route map, know the obstacles and use a new life. We will win in all aspects and thereby get the highest score.

Here, Dancing Ballz gives players a new atmosphere. Players will follow each certain level and conquer the obstacles on that path. Each player will have corresponding points, and whoever gets the absolute score will go straight to the next level. Be the winner of the absolute score and become the master of talent in this unique, engaging, and fun game.

Take on the challenges in the game to come up with the right path.The game provides you with a map so that you can anticipate the challenges ahead to deal with.Use modern jumping techniques to be able to go through empty areas and jump up so as not to fall off at any time.Explore the unique features offered in the game to win impressive rewards.Get the highest score in each round and win a powerful ticket to go straight to the final round to win prestigious prizes.Time the slide for the unique slides and try to keep the focus until the end of the round.