Evo Explores-Evo Explores v1.5.4.6 APK + OBB (Full Game)

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Evo Explores

Evo Explores is a puzzle game that revolves around Evo’s journey when he finds a strange planet called Byte with many strange relics. These monuments do not obey a physical law and can be rotated at the player’s will. At the same time, many operating mechanisms are not what it seems, so you should use your creativity to complete challenging levels.


The story of Evo Explores revolves around a character who loves adventure, Evo, and has traveled through many different planets on his journey. One day, he stopped at a planet called Byte, and it brought him many surprises when there were more special things than previous experiences. So, start going into the planet ruins and learn what mechanisms are used in each location.

Players will observe the game from a 3D perspective, and they can change the perspective at any time they want by rotating and moving in a fixed direction. At the same time, controlling the character is not too difficult when you need to reach the position you want so that the character can go there by himself. Of course, this move is difficult because of the special mechanism of the planet Byte when everything you observe from one perspective is not necessarily correct.


When starting Evo Explores, the player needs to identify the strange mechanics of the planet Byte because the elements of physics and gravity do not apply to this planet. So, solving puzzles according to the standard mechanics will not apply, and of course, you can look at the game’s environment and imagine the solutions to solve the puzzle ahead. There are many interesting mechanics that you should not ignore, and of course, you need to move the character carefully.

Sometimes you will see a hole appear in your path, and of course, the character cannot jump, so he can only follow your instructions. Also, if you see a tall building nearby, don’t hesitate to rotate the area in a fixed direction. This rotation will be completed until the building covers the hole in your path. From there, you can safely walk through and be sure the building won’t block you.

Another factor worth noting is your use of the building to help you go up and down. You need to go there, and the mechanism will automatically operate to bring you to the place you want. At the same time, the two locations can be in different planes, but since this is a Byte planet, the building can move and fill in the space in two different planes in terms of planes. Some can help you rotate in the air but not fall to get to the end of the level.


When you start with Evo Explores, you will inevitably find a starting point and walk through the available doors. At the same time, when going inside, it will give you a whole new feeling when the layout has completely changed. You will observe the location of the level and may find the final destination you need to go to. From there, you will use the mechanics of the environment to continue to complete the levels you face.

It can be said that Evo’s journey in this game is completely long, and you will not be able to take your eyes off him. He can make comments when going to a new place or notice a strange mechanism of that place. At the same time, each level will bring you a new challenge that you must complete to go to the following location, and you will not know what is waiting for you. Indeed, there will be many surprises for you.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off Evo’s exciting journey:

Evo, the game’s main character, has found a mysterious planet named Byte where the physics laws do not appear and many relics to explore.Players will try to move the character through different challenges and find the end of the ruins to open a new journey for the character.You will approach different mechanisms, and they do not obey any laws of physics, so you should use your creativity.With creative possibilities, the player can rotate the place to look at different angles, and some things not on the same plane can be linked.The number of levels is diverse and mysterious when the player does not know what the factors are like after entering the door.